May 15, 2014

My Best Teacher

My Best Teacher

English Essay on "My Best Teacher"

I am a student of Karachi Grammar School and am being taught by six different teachers. To be true, all of them are loving persons and teach us with zeal. But out of all of them I like Mr. Murtaza the best. He is also our class teacher and teaches us mathematics.
Tall, strong and well-built Mr. Murtaza is a pleasant young man. With his smiting eyes, pleasing appearance and gentle manners he has become the darling of the class. His shining eyes are always kind and inspiring. Clad in Shalwar Kameez and wearing a Jinnah cap he looks grand. His voice is gentle and pleasing. It is his simplicity that attracts
Mr. Murtaza is an M.A. with diploma in teaching. He has been teaching at this school for the last many years. His way of teaching is interesting without asperity or tedium. He makes his lessons very interesting, wants us to attempt the questions ourselves and praises us when we solve them. This encouragement on his part is inspiring and creates confidence in us. He is never angry with us and is never satisfied unless problems are clear to us. He does not grudge if we ask him to explain 2gain and again. In fact he loves to make things clear to us.
Mr. Murtaza has a very charming manner of telling thing. A Sportsman as he is, he tells us about his achievements in games and sports, his interesting experiences with people and strange incidents ‘e had1 We Jove to listen to him and marvel at his achievements. Since we love and respect him, we sit silently listening to his experiences.
My beloved teacher is also the games superintendent and leads our hockey team in matches and tournaments. He has stamina and plays so beautifully that we are amazed to see him. If lie gets the ball near the goal post he never misses the goal. Our school wins in the tournament due to his tine play and leadership.

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