April 12, 2014

Science and civilization

Science and civilization

English Essay on "Science and civilization"

Science and civilization go hand in hand. Since its inception, Science has been improving the way of life and has been changing social, economic and political structures of human societies. Tremendously transmogrifying things in a be-wildering manner, it has brought man from the age of mere superstitions to the nuclear era and has enabled the meek creature called man who considered the moon the mars, other planets and the phenomena of nature as gods powerful enough as to chance his fortune to conquer them or to yoke them serve his ends.
The most striking feature of our civilized society is it’s of thinking which is spurred by the knowledge endowed by science to it. This knowledge helps to shape means attitude towards things, his philosophy of life, his moral and social codes and also helps widen his mental horizon and angle of view. The advancement of knowledge helps to improve the standard of civilization and each civilization stands better than the preceding one. Scientific in emotions are apt to resolution lies human life and pros de i with such facilities that make life more comfortable, easier and happier. Since the time of invention of wheel, science has endeavored to improve civilization and the lot of man.4essay.blogspot.com Our forefathers, who lived in caves and are raw food wills no doubt, be stunned to see what man has accomplished since their days. He has conquered time and space, tamed electricity and nuclear energy and set his foot prints on the surface of the moon. To him, distances have disappeared. To him it is now possible to see television programmers being shown in any part of the world and to hear some one speaking any where in the world.
Due to the advancement in medical, surgical and pharmaceutical fields life has been prolonged, diseases are under control and pains and worries are now no problems. We are now enjoying facilities that have made life comfortable and easy. Aeroplanes and automobiles are there to move us from place to place in the shortest possible rime. Food production has been accelerated and the hazards of famine have practically disappeared from the face of the world. The standard of living has improved a lot and man now appears to be master of the world.
Due to the scientific inventions and the knowledge dug out by scientific researches, our civilization has realist its zenith, no doubt, but it has developed ugliness too. Modern conception of nationalism has fanned hatred and abhorrence among nation, Advanced countries aim at the economic domination of the backward ones, spurring poverty, disparity and fruition. The modern economic structure spreads economic disparity and helps the rich be more rich and the poor to be more poor. Stresses and strain of modern society have robbed man of peace of mind and have given him depression, anxieties and worries. Free thinking about sex and pleasure have deteriorated the moral values.
Machines have become masters and we have become slaves to them. Horrible weapons of war have been developed and it is now possible to wipe off a big city like New York from the face of the world within the inking of an eye.
It is a pity that we have become self concentrated selfish and cold hearted, Love. Affection sympathy and peace of mind have deserted us. The homely way of living which our forefathers once enjoyed, has been married. Economic disparity, moral duration, selfishness, anxieties, depression, false propaganda, unfaith-fullness are the hall marks of the modern civilization. Social, political and economic injustice is prevailing and the fear of God and the dooms day are buried forever.

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