December 03, 2013

Traffic Problem in Karachi

Essay : [Traffic Problem in Karachi]

English Essay on "Traffic Problem in Karachi"

Traffic Problem in Karachi

Karachi City produces 65 percent of the revenue of the entire country but under every regime the problems of Karachi have been neglected. For the first time in history the former city nazim Naimatullah Khan approved a package of Rs 29 billion rupees and resolved the important problems of the city and completed mega projects during his four years.

The traffic situation in Karachi is getting worse with each passing day. Vehicles are increasing exponentially on the one hand and other roads are blocked because of the mega development drive of the City District Government of Karachi. Instead of planning the development work in phases, the CDGK has opened all fronts in one fell swoop, digging up the city from one end to the other. Another reason for all traffic jams and mishaps in Karachi is the lack of civic sense in drivers. Most drivers are either unaware of traffic rules or simply do not bother with them. Jumping lanes, overtaking, speeding, cutting signals and cursing are the norm. Following the rules is definitely not our strong suit, but one hopes that Karachi can finally recognize that road rules exist for a reason to save lives.

VIP movement combined with construction work to cause massive traffic jams in several parts of the city. The traffic flows was fluent in the city but due to VIP movement in some areas it might have been disturbed which is a natural thing. The jams developed after the traffic signals were turned off. The traffic signals remained off on a daily basis, which is a usual thing that constables adopt to control the traffic more efficiently.

The Karachi traffic police accepted bribes from the drivers of buses, wagons, trucks and other commercial vehicles and didn’t do their duty as they should. If the pay as much attention to controlling traffic problems of the city as they pay to grabbing bribes, all of the Karachi’s traffic issues would be solved.

Everyone was responsible for the shabby condition of Karachi’s traffic, be it the police or the drivers. “We have become so socially degenerated that we don’t even try and make space for an ambulance to pass! Roads around civil hospital and other major hospitals of Karachi are full of encroachments and suffer heavy traffic jams causing the road to become too narrow for an ambulance to go through.

The main factors contributing towards poor safety situation on roads were poor design, broken roads, irrational attitude of drivers, inadequate information and analysis of road safety and lack of adequate supervision and interest.( The need of mass transit and public transport system for the city. The increasing number of private vehicles should be reduced and a comprehensive public transport system should be introduced the mass transit system would channelize the movement of passengers from one place to other in the city besides reducing load of the city’s roads.

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