December 01, 2013

The Standard of Education

Essay : [The Standard of Education]

English Essay on "The Standard of Education"

The Standard of Education

The standard of education in Pakistan Is falling in a Continual manner due to locks of meaning and purpose. The planning for its developments betterment and worth-while standard always remains up to in papers only.

Our education system has been divided into three stages i.e. Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary (University) education but there is coordination among these sections. The Head of the Institutions do not tape interest in performing these respective duties honestly properly and with trust. They do not take active part to teach the students and to raise the standard of education. College where the lecturers in some college spend most of their time in smoking and reading Newspapers in the staff rooms or in the libraries.

Moreover these heads of institutions miserably to fail to develop the working conditions of their institutions organizations such as teaching standard games, sports and other extracurricular activities, attendance and discipline As a result of their grass negligence the students are misguided by the social and political educations and even the fail prey to drug mafia agents.

Students they days are not taking keen interest in their studies attentively and fairly because for slackness being allowed in the examinations. Why should they undergo the pain of study when the door of unpaid means Is wide open to them. Students having nobody to care for them, no depend upon openly on notes, keys readymade answers and they are neither thought the text Books by their teachers non they are asked to porch such books of their syllabi.

Such type of Immortal factors students has started the mean spirited practice of unfair means in the examinations and disrespectful attitude towards the invigilators of the examinations hall.( The whole process (system) of the examination or the education in our country needs a drastic over hauling change if we want the students of education of educator imposed.

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