December 05, 2013

Female Education

Essay : [Female Education]

English Essay on "Female Education"

Female Education

Non body can deny the importance of value of education. In every era education has been quite vital for everyone. Especially the Muslims should always keep in view the divine commands in regard of getting education. The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) has laid great stress on the importance of education and declared it as an essential thing for every man and woman. But it’s a great irony of fate that the Muslims have forgotten the teaching of the Holy Prophet, and in many Islamic Countries and specially in South Asia, the Muslims did not allow their girls to go to the school. The Muslim society had very negative views in respect of female education, and education was thought quite useless and unnecessary for woman.

But today, in Pakistan a large number of people have accepted the value and necessity of education for their daughters and sisters. Now we admit that an educated mother can bring up her children in a better way than an illiterate mother. We fully accept the truth that the education of a girl brings about the education of whole family.

Pakistanis an under developing country and is considered a member of third world. About 27% of its population is educated which means that the ¾ of the population consists of un-educated persons this fact is quite regrettable and has become a matter of shame for the whole of nation. In this situation, how can we hope to compete with the other nations of the world in every walk of life Today, if we thoroughly take a look at the population of our country, we can observe that about 50% of the population consists of women. It is not our duty to provide them education and make sure to achieve the certain advantages relating to it.( In this regard we must have to move in various directions. First of all we shall have to alter the mentality of our people towards the misconception that education spoils the character of women and it is quite virulent thing for female.

This kind of attitude reflects a very sinister picture of our mental approach. When the parents and guardians of girls agree to this revolutionary approach then it will become the vital duty of our government to give due importance to this faculty and leave no stone unturned till the real target is achieved. Keeping in view the value of this task, a particular and sufficient amount must be allocated in the budget, and the authorities should perform their duty sincerely, honestly and with the sense of responsibility to fulfill this noble dream.

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