December 07, 2013

Crises of Electricity

Essay : [Crises of Electricity]

English Essay on "Crises of Electricity"

Crises of Electricity

Electricity is the major force behind any country no. agriculture, IT, industry, houses each and everything is run by electricity. Its major force of change a necessity now without which a country cannot be consider even to start thinking of development. Pakistan has been hit by worst electricity crises it sees in years. Without electricity our industry, agriculture each and every department.

The power crises started in the year 2006 and continued 2007. During these years, electricity shortage reached the figure of 2,546 MW during the summer season of 2007. As part of its efforts to deal with the countrywide power crisis, Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has disconnected electricity supply to billboards while alternate streetlight points remain switched off. Electricity is not being provided for ornamental, ceremonial and entertainment purposes or events in the city. To further conserve electricity WAPDA has ordered markets to close early, which is why power remains suspended in markets between 530 pm and 730 pm as well as between 830 pm and 930 pm.

Have anyone noticed how everything stops as the light go out Whatever people are doing they just drop it and start to look around waiting for the lights to come back on. If anyone is reading a book; will stop and spend at least a few minutes thinking about what you should do now. Very few times one will an answer because there is very little that can be done in the dark.( Even while taking an exam the lights go and everyone stops. There is pin drop silence. In addition, as soon as the lights are back even, if it is five minutes to turn on the generators the student start to ask for more time for the loss of time because of the electricity. Nothing is done while there is no light. Even if there are generators and UPS there are minimal things running and very little that can be done. Children cannot get on the computer and research for their homework. Businesses cannot use credit cards. Schools and colleges have teachers leaving classroom without teaching because it is too hot for them to bear. People here can hardly plant work, outings, meetings or dinner parties at night.

Their social activities have been restricted because of irregular power supply. At home household chores, schoolwork , primetime TV viewing, food preparation, all have to be put on hold when the electricity goes out several times during the day.

Moreover, the security situation in the wake of rising suicide bombings and instability in the country demands that the streets remain well lit. the law-enforcement agencies, though vigilant, need certain amenities to carry out their work more efficiently. Yet in the absence of proper street lighting, the police face difficulties guarding against street crime while the public feels increase taking dark routes or streets.

The most important step that can be helpful on a personal level and for one’s own household is to always turn off extra lights and use the least amount of energy in the few hours that the electricity is actually available. This is a good way of saving because majority of the houses started to watch how and where they spend their energy it would make a great difference in the overall outcome.

If the energy crises continue, it will only add to people’s miseries and further disrupt daily lives and businesses. Nonetheless, it seems that whether the situation continues for the rest of the winter or is rectified sooner, people will not need to acclimatize anew to load shedding in the summer. This is the only upside of this gloomy situation.

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