November 16, 2013

Tsunami Destruction By Indian Ocean

Essay : [Tsunami Destruction By Indian Ocean]

English Essay on "Tsunami Destruction By Indian Ocean"

Tsunami Destruction By Indian Ocean

This heartbroken incident is about the recent destruction in various parts of Asia such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Maldeep, Sri Lanka and Burma by the terrifying tempest Indian Ocean which took place after the next day of Christmas is on 26 December, 2005.

The word Tsunami belongs to Japanese language which means harbor waves, it Is an ocean or sea wave that Is usually generated by an earthquake, violent eruption or submarine land eliding on the sea floor and moves with the speed eighth thousand kilometer per hour.

Due to this destruction more than three Lacs people, Including men and women, old and young’s and countless quantity of children In particular, have gone Into the Jaws of death white more than tan Lacs have been generally affected by the tempestuous waves of chopping Ocean., K was the worst and the greatest terrifying Fifth earthquake which had the intensity at Rector Scale 9.8. Earthquakes are generated by faulting in the earth crust and earthquake waves are generated with the earthen crust, however, the Tsunamis moving in a direction along the faults.

Countless Colonies of fishermen have been obliterated In Sri Lanka by these tempestuous waves and hundreds of thousands fishermen are unprotected without any type information. Many Villages of Indian state Andhra Pardesh had been made the target of the strong waves. Two cities, Le. Tamil Nado of India and Aachay of Indonesia had completely obliterated.( Lacs of tourist- ho were celebrating their Christmas on the sea shore of India, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Bangladesh had also been gone Into mouth of death. As large number of crops were sea hanging In the branches of the trees in the location of India, Thailand and Indonesia. A Large number of American were alto out of intact They either, had been died in the stormy waves of the ocean or had been ensconced.

One question generally arose whether Karachi as In the range of Tsunami The answer was that Karachi coast is east west oriented and its is separated from north-south trending Gadanl coast, by cape Monze promontory. Weak Tsunami moving to the east along the Makran coast would hid the Gadani coast at a very low angle. We other important feature which was likely to protect Karachi by eastward moving Tsunami generated in the Arabian sea was its geographical location.

At that stage, many countries of the world and Pakistan In particular and China took part In helping the survivors with food, rice, pulses, spices, clothes, blankets and Medicines and others necessary items.

Before these Tsunamis, in Indian Ocean, In 1935, an earthquake came which destroyed the whole city of Quetta. In January 2001, an earthquake occurred in the province of Ghujrat in India which had destroyed many villages and countless people had died. This earthquake was so divesting that its slight vibration and Jerk was also felt in the Sindh. It was safe from Its horrible effects, in December, 2002 such vibration and Jerk had been continuously felt in the northern region of Pakistan but it is not a matter of any hazardless because the whole region is mountainous.

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