November 16, 2013

The Defects In Our Educational System

Essay : [The Defects In Our Educational System]

English Essay on "The Defects In Our Educational System"

The Defects In Our Educational System

Our educational system suffers more because, really speaking, it is not our system at all. It is the system devised by the British rulers of Pakistan. It is foreign in spirit and expensive in practice. This is its chief defect and from it follows all other defects.

Pakistan’s educational system is extremely narrow in scope and unrealistic. It has made education almost wholly literary and its products can do at best only clerical jobs. A system that teaches people to serve only in minor administrative jobs will always have this fundamental defect. We should get rid of this as early as possible; otherwise our education will be teaching us to the core to be anti-national and unemployed. If education is to build good character, it will have to provide for the development of the emotions as well as the brains.

A foreign medium of instruction in our educational institution is a very great handicap to our youths for many reasons. English is a good language in its own way, and it has an international importance in the world of science, commerce and diplomacy. But to introduce it right from the primary stage of education is tri place an unnatural burden on our children and to prevent a healthy outlook on life itself. Subjects can be learnt quickly and easily only in one’s own mother tongue and therefore, English should be replaced by Pakistan languages as early as possible. Such a change will not save time and improve our standards of knowledge but will give us a healthy our look on our own national life and culture.

Our system of education is very expensive.( Only a fortunate few could afford to give the benefits of this education, such as they are. In an economically back ward country like ours education should be cheap enough to permit everyone to reap its benefits. This if for the government to do.

The system of examination too is largely defective. It makes for an unnatural concentration on studies during that part o the academic years when the examinations are held. It is doubtful whether examinations themselves are real tests of intelligence. Many of our universities are just examining boards. No emphasis is laid on discussion, but on examinations. Again, technical and professional education is grossly neglected.

Now Pakistan needs a new educational system, free from the defects referred to. A true system of education should produce honest citizens and efficient workers. It should make men sound in body and sound in mind and sound also in soul. Herein lies the way to future progress.

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