November 30, 2013


Essay : [Debates]

English Essay on "Debates"


Every school and college has Its debating society which arranges debates, quiz, talent shows specking both in English and Urdu and sports activities In order to prepare students for the practical life. Besides, schools and collages there are other Associations and societies which also arrange debates.

Debating societies serve many useful purposes. These societies sharpen the Intellect of those who participate in the discussion. Before putting their arguments for or against the subject under debates. They are deeply to think which points win be of substantial help to their stand. This invariably sharpens their intellect and Increase their power of thinking.

These debating societies are useful to students of the schools and collages as a special case. The young girls and boys who attend their educational Institutions, need a common, platform (in order to take parts in Quiz, speeches, national songs, stage dramas and other sports activities) from which they can discuss various types of views, points and situations in order to fulfill the demand of the debates and competitions. Shyness, hesitancy and fear are removed when they come on the stage or a platform and speak, to the beginning they may face and experience some difficulties but as the time went on (passes on) they soon become able, fearless, courageous to speak fluently and discuss freely.

The debating societies are of the special importance to students In cultivating the power of advancing argument who participates, wants that his side should carry the day, He is their face, required to convince the audience so that they may take side of him, in case of division to called for.( In order to gain favor, corroboration, support and seconding, convincing arguments are must The participants should therefore make it a point to win the hearts of the audience by convincing appeal to their Intellect The discussing of debating societies throws a flood of light on the subject under consideration by examining all the parts for and against the muttons.

When we take parts in debates, when we speak on opposite sides of questions we tolerate we learn to tolerate other people’s views and opinions. We become broadminded. Moreover, in. a debate, we have to be quick in thinking. Thus debating societies is shaping the wits is and strengthening the intellectual powers of a person. Debates are arranged on the variety of the subjects and we are given an opportunity to listen to the arguments in favor or against the new topics. Discussion in debating societies has often proved quite helpful for the society as well the government in solving many of their difficulties and puzzling problems. Some of the member of debating societies may become great public speakers and operators or the member of the legislative Assemblies and parliaments of their countries.

“It Is correct that debates sharpen the intellect of the participants either they are students or the others, and the power of speaking Is increased.”

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