October 08, 2013

Traffic Hazards

Essay : [Traffic Hazards]

English Essay on "Traffic Hazards"

Traffic Hazards

Traffic problem are fast growing in Karachi due to open violation of traffic rules. Public transport drives stop their vehicles at unauthorized bus stops, even on busy roads with no indication to pick and drop passengers. This practice continues unchecked and has also led to fatal accidents.

Traffic jams are seen on every major road during peak hours as the motorists do not follow the traffic rules. They do not stay in their lanes and some of them even ignore the red light signals.

It is observed that motorists continue to drive without turning on headlights even after sunsets and nobody checks them. Even motor cyclists and rickshaws drivers do not feel the need to turn on their indicators before taking a turn similarly, many vehicles have headlights, brake and reverse lights that are out-of-order but there is no check on them.

Illegal stalls, bazaars and automobile markets in many areas of Karachi are another cause of major traffic hazards Saddar, Empress Market, Burns road, Tower and lighthouse are the most polluted area of the Karachi city.

Especially heavy buses in Saddar create traffic jams when their drivers park them right in the middle of the road ro pick up passengers. They do not care to give way to others.

The number of fatal road accidents has also increased in Karachi because of speeding and necklace driving.(4essay.blogspot.com) The marking done on the roads has been washed out and the roads themselves have also been damages during the recent tormented rains.

It is very unfortunate that even forty five years of our independence, we have not been able to solve the transport problem of Karachi.

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  1. Traffic violation is not happening in few places but I have seen that most countries are struggling with establishing strict traffic rules because of the rise in road accidents.

    Arnold Brame