September 17, 2013

The Third World

Essay : [The Third World]

English Essay on "The Third World"

The Third World

Points Introduction Economic condition Social condition Political non-stability conclusion.
The Second World War ended with a new geographical mapping of the world. The USA and the USSR emerged as the two super powers. Each super power maintained its own sphere of influence. Direct colonel rule came to an end. Most of the poor and under developed countries of Latin America, Asia and Africa from the “Third World.”
The “Third World” countries are over populated. The mass of its population live close to the margin of subsistence. Most of the third world countries are agricultural. But productivity on land is very low. They are not familiar with the up-to-date appliances that are used by the western countries in the cultivation of soil. Industrial growth is very slow. In science and technology they are very backward. Their imports are more than exports. Their per capita national income is very low in comparison with other developed countries. All these facts go to suggest that their standard of living is very low and their economic resources are inadequate to sustain so large a population.
Under development makes an unmistakable mark on the state of social organization in a Third World country. The rural and urban landscape, the modes of social life, the mental outlook, moral values of the people of the Third World have a degree of similarity. Poverty, ignorance and diseases walk hand in hand with the people.( Their percentage of literacy is very low. Poor health and hygiene, lack of transport facilities are other problem. Social life abounds in examples of the simultaneous existence of the “traditional and ultra modern.” An inhabitant of Third World country such as Pakistan would very soon discover familiar patterns of social behavior if he visits other Third countries across the continents of Asia, Africa and South America.
Political non-stability is another important feature of a Third World country. There is no political awareness in a common man in a Third World country. The ruling class takes no interest in the welfare of the people. They work as an agent of the western vested interest. Corruption is rampant.
It is high time that countries of the Third World must unite and act sensibly. A high degree of planning is required of the limited resources available to them were to be efficiently used.

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