September 17, 2013

The Generation Gap

Essay : [The Generation Gap]

English Essay on "The Generation Gap"

The Generation Gap

Points: Introduction – Social changes – Defective education system – participation in social work – Conclusion.
Modern life is so different from old life that looks like a break between two epochs. Our entire life, physical, social, economic, intellectual or imaginative, is cast in different pattern. This break or different pattern is causing an alarmingly “Generation Gap”.
The World War II produced disconcerting social changes. Teenagers no longer regard the standard and the experience of their parents as having relevance to, and authority for, their own situations. The urge to be good and make good which was the healthy goal of youth in former times has given place to cynicism and rebellion. The older generation of parents and elders find themselves utterly helpless. Not only material values but traditional and moral values have been thrown aside by the younger generations. The youth of to day desperately needs security in addition to freedom, and there are a number of forces at work that tend to detach the teenagers’ from the rest of society.
This distressing generation gap is attributive to defective education. Education is an organized process is concerned not only with the communication of knowledge and the acquisition of skill suited to the pupil’s aptitude bt also, what is more important, with the formation of right attitudes towards learning itself, towards truth and ethics, and towards life in general. Education is the social instrument deliberately created by a community to help its members to develop to the optimums level they could rise to, and thus make their fullest contribution to the community life. But this vital factor has been forgotten in the present process of large scale production of graduates and post graduates. What we are achieving is high pressure knowledge-stuffing and not personality development.( Our youths must be given every opportunity to experience the right kind of social group which will enable them to understand the meaning of being of a group. Our youngsters in schools and colleges should be encouraged to take part in voluntary youth activities, sports, social service and other such useful and satisfying work.
Our youngsters should be encouraged, persuaded and induced to get opportunities to organize themselves in useful activities. It will develop them into confident young men in later life. There is scope for involving our youngsters in constructive social activities. It is the most potent means of educating those who participate in it and raising the quality of national life to higher levels. Voluntary social work helps to regenerate society by reaffirming the basic human values and respect for honest work and respect of one human being for another and for the fellowship of man. The gap will shrink and close, whether it is Generation Gap or Social Gap or Political Gap or Economic Gap. The solution for the Generation Gap is for youth to be educated to have interest, take interest and feel interest, and once this has been achieved, the feeling of estrangement and spirit of rebellion will disappear.

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