September 17, 2013

The Evils of Idleness

Essay : [The Evils of Idleness]

English Essay on "The Evils of Idleness"

The Evils of Idleness

Points Idleness brings lack of activity – The Evil of idleness – It gives birth to vicious circle – Idleness must be discouraged.
Of all evils that a man suffers from, idleness is the worst. The opportunity for getting work and uncongenial atmosphere are altogether different things but under normal circumstances works must be done. It is a natural law. Even animals and plants are under continuous activity. Work means life and absence of work or activity means death, decay and degeneration. Idleness means lack of desire to do work or to be irregular in the work undertaken. Waste of time and energy is harmful to the happiness and prosperity of the individual. Idleness of the mind and the body leads men to evils, degeneration, and demoralization.
One of the main evils of idleness is that it spoils the habits and happiness of man. A body which remains useless starts decaying. A idle man will hate doing work and will be in active and inefficient. He cannot make good progress and his happiness and the happiness of those who depend on him will be affected. Men who are idle in some cases also tend to become vicious. It is often said that an idle mind is not usefully occupied and harbours evil and destructive ideas. A man may start doing bad things which may harm others or to break the monopoly of his own existence he may become addicted to drugs and narcotics.
Idleness gives birth to a vicious circle. First the man feels unhappy, then for relieving the dullness of life and inactivity he wants to do things to recreate himself and is always led on ruinous path. For his recreation he will need money and his wants will make him rob people and in the end he will be caught and punished. Another evil of idleness is greater than all these.( Some unfortunate talented people ruin their lives by being idle while men who are possessed of lesser intelligence but are preserving and hard working will be more successful, happy and prosperous. It is often said that in the scheme of things talent is but one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration. Even intelligence becomes a waste if the possessor of it is not industrious and hardworking.
If the prosperity and happiness of the individual and the welfare of the society and the state have to be looked after then we must discourage idleness at all costs and by all means. Proper division of work and recreation must be observed but no quarter of encouragement should be given to either idleness or idlers.

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