September 05, 2013

Role of Pakistan In The World Of 2000 Ad

Essay : [Role of Pakistan In The World Of 2000 Ad]

English Essay on "Role of Pakistan In The World Of 2000 Ad"

Role of Pakistan In The World Of 2000 Ad

Points – Introduction - present position - A strong economy heeded - Scientific development - Defect in our system of education - Adherence to the teachings of Islam - Conclusion

Pakistan is a developing country. In the modern world, the world goes to him who is the fittest and most tactful. For our survival as an independent nation, it is essential to build it on-modern lines.
Our independence is only political. Economically we depend on others even for our defense equipments. Our industry is backward and agriculture over crowded. Culturally, we are equally in subjection. We are still slavishly carrying on the British devised educational system. The rate at which Pakistan’s population is growing has become really alarming. Unemployment is a major economic and social problem of our country. The per capita national income is very low. We have to provide basic necessities of life of the ever increasing population like food, clothes, houses, health, education and others.
In order to meet the challenge of the world of 2000 A.D, we have to think from now and make plans to build up a strong economy. Since Pakistan is an agricultural country, special attention is required for agricultural development. We have to make use of latest methods of equipments and modem scientific appliances to increase per area yield.
The present age is the atomic age. The atomic energy can replace electricity and help us to run factories, railway trains, aero planes, buses and other locomotives. “Steps are to be taken to harness sea waves for power generation. Research for oil and gas is to carried out in off shore and other places. All these measures will contribute the make our country self sufficient in food and industrial development.
There are many defects in our system of education. Our country is on the way to industrialization. It is, therefore, necessary that there should be a shift of emphasis in our education. Young people must be educated in modem science, its methods and its mental attitude.( Without this education, they will find the world in 2000 A.D utterly incomprehensible. Vocational and industrial training centers should be set up in all district towns of Pakistan.
In this troubled period of human history, religion and the humanities are as vital as science to the education of good members of a good society. Our civilization is ancient and glorious. In order to make Pakistan a strong nation we should strongly adhere to the principles of Islam. Islam is a source of strength and unity. We should re-model our lives – political, social and economical according to the teachings of Islam.
The world of 2000 A.D will be a world of conflicting views and visions. We should refrain from copying the culture of the west. We should respect and retain our own identity.

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