March 12, 2013



Points: Introduction – It is the source of knowledge of the past – It should be the basis of human education – It creates better understanding among nation – It helps to know the achievements of man of the past – Conclusion.

History, is a record of past. It relates the events of the past It is simply wonderful and amusing to look, back into the past. Carlyle has rightly said “All that is stored in history is knowledge.”

History is a source of knowledge of the past. It not only tells us about the past but it also throws light on the present. One cannot understand his own country. Past heritage guides the future. The story of past heritage can only be obtained through the study of history. One cannot even understand one’s own personal prejudices and emotional reactions unless one is acquainted with the history of his own country and people.

History should be the basis of human education. Our knowledge shall always remain incomplete without the knowledge of history. One should know something of the past; social and political conditions prevailing then in order to appreciate the works of that period. Without the knowledge of history one cannot claim himself property educated either as a citizen or as an intellectual and imaginative being. Travelling too becomes fascinating and interesting if one possesses some historical

The world of today is a comity of nations. Many nations are brought into close contact with each other. It is essential that each nation should know something about one another’s historical experience and goodwill. It is not necessary to go into detail about them, but at least the broad outlines of the social and political conditions which have given to each nation its present character. Knowledge of history creates better understanding among

Another great value of the history is that it informs us as how did the present state of things evolve out of the past? Through history we get some ideas about the origin of institutions, beliefs, habits and prejudices of the various people of the world. History throws light on the casual and evolutionary aspect of the history of mankind. It helps us to discover what life was like in various ages. It presents a truthful reconstruction of past state of society. History helps us to know about the achievements of man at different stages.

History kindles our imagination like literature. It gives poetic pleasure to the readers. The poets are much fascinated by the mysterious objects. The subject-matter of a historian is also mysterious. When we read history we are lost in the mystery of the past.

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