March 07, 2013

Sir Ayed Ahmad Khan


Points: Introduction – His advices to the Muslims – Aligarh Movement – Conclusion.

The defeat in the War of Independence in 1857 left the Muslims in a state of dazed despair. The future of Muslims looked extremely bleak. The conditions of the Muslims from the political, social, educational and religious point of view were at the lowest ebb. Sir Syed could not put up with this pitiable conditions of his Muslim brethren. He stood up to lead them”.

Sir Syed whose real name was Saeed Ahmad Khan was born at Delhi on 17th October, 1817, in a well-to-do family of Delhi. Sir Syed’s family was associated with the Mughal administration as well as the East India Company. At the age of eighteen, Sir Syed entered the judicial service of the East India Company. He became a Sub-Judge of Bijnore in 1857. But this servant of British imperialism was a rebel in his own way, a true servant of the Muslims of the

Sir Syed very wisely realized that it would not be possible to drive the British out by force. They have come to stay. So he adopted a conciliatory policy from the very beginning of his political career. He made best efforts to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding between the British Government and the Muslims. In this respect he wrote several books such as “The Causes of the Indian Revolt”, “The Royal Mohammadans of India” etc.

In the beginning, Sir Syed was a staunch advocate of Hindu-Muslim unity. But the Hindi-Urdu controversy started at Benaras in 1867 brought a change in his political thinking. He was so badly disappointed by the narrow attitude of the Hindus that he advised the Muslims of the Subcontinent not to join the Indian National Congress. He strongly believed that the Hindus and the Muslims were two separate nations. His ideas brought about great political awakening among the

The greatest service Sir Syed Ahmad Khan rendered to the Muslim community was in the field of education. With this aim he started the Aligarh Movement. He opened schools and established scientific societies and translation bureaus for the translation of English books into Urdu. He founded M.A.O. College at Aligarh which ultimately became the Muslim University of Aligarh. The Aligarh Muslim University served as “a nursery of leaders” who later on championed the cause of the Muslims. Some of the leaders of the Aligarh Movement founded the Muslim League and it is the Muslim League which has achieved Pakistan.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was a great Muslim leader. The character and contribution of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan bathe him in a dazzling light of rare glory and greatness.

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