February 07, 2013

Religious Extremism

Religious Extremism

Religious extremism means the holding of extreme religious view by the followers of a particular religion or sect against other religions or sects.

The reasons for the existence of religious intolerance are quite a few. Firstly, ignorance and lack of knowledge and of modem education lead many a youth and young woman to the blind alleys of backwardness and inaction. The minds of these young people are almost closed to modern ideas and developments. When nothing new centers the mind, the germ of old ideas grow out of size onto disease germs.

Secondly, religious extremism grows or develops in an atmosphere of hatred, distrust and enmity. One religious class or sect hates another simply because there is a difference of beliefs or ideas between them. One religious group distrusts another because they distrust or doubt each other's intentions. Prolonged hatred and distrust result in deep rooted enmity. Sadly and regrettably, some extremists developed intense hatred against each other and started killing and destroying property.4essay.blogspot.com

Thirdly, perhaps the worst form of religious extremism is reflected in terrorist acts across the country. Religious extremists easily organize themselves into armed groups and bands and provide, military training for terrorist ads and guerrilla warfare Even if the activity is for pure "jihad" or holy war; it needs approval of the government. If it is for the ‘purpose’ of killing the follower of other religions or for destroying their property, it is intolerable. Further, there can be national religious extremism that can cause religious wars between one nation or country and another. Such wars were common in olden times when the Crusades were fought between the Christians and Muslims. The fights between the two religious communities among the Christians that is, the Roman Catholics and Protestants and among the Muslim sects and groups side by side caused tremendous human suffering.4essay.blogspot.com

In fact, religious extremism is not advocated, preached or sanctioned by any religion in its pure form. Buddhism is a religion of peace and humility. Christianity is a religion of social goodness and progress. Islam preaches universal brotherhood equality and justice. In their first pure form, world religions did not have any room or scope for class or group differences. God Almighty sent his Prophets and revealed his Holy Books to, convey the same messages to all mankind and to make the people solidly united. The later creation of religious groups and sects, with the resultant disputes, was against the spirit and principles of true religion. It is our foremost duty to create unity and oneness in our ranks religiously.

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