October 11, 2012



Once there was an old farmer. He was very rich and prosperous. He had three sons. They always quarreled with one another. Their father advised them to take interest in work but they turned a deaf ear to him. The old man was much worried about their future and wonted to teach them the importance of unity.

One day he fell ill seriously, he called his sons near him. He asked them to bring some sticks and to tie them together into a bundle. He then asked them one by one to break the bundle. They tried one by one but failed. The old man smiled at their failure. Then he asked them to untie the bundle.4essay.blogspot.com

He gave one stick to each of them to break. Now each broke the stick very easily. The old man told his sons that if they lived united like the bundle of sticks, no one would harm them. But if they lived disunited, they would be ruined. The sons realized and learnt a lesson. Since then they never quarreled with one another and always lived in peace and harmony.

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