October 03, 2012



Points: Introduction – Short history – Its importance – Its function Conclusion.

The radio is now in great demand all over the world. It has become so important an article that we cannot think of doing without it.

Marconi invented the radio in 1924. His invention was based on the invention of wireless and its secret waves. Since 1924 the radio has been serving the people in every part of the world.

The radio serves us in many ways. It caters to the needs and tastes of all kinds of men. It broadcasts news, music, weather and market reports, sports news, speeches, comments, interviews of important persons, dramas and a variety of other things. The man who is a lover of music, gets the food of his heart from the radio. Men interested in weather news, get it from the radio. Persons interested in sports and games, have their news from the radio. Businessmen get their market reports from the radio. The radio thus serves all classes of people. The rich and the poor, the traders and the cultivators, the young and the old, the boys and the girls all have their news served by the radio.4essay.blogspot.com

The function of the radio is not confined only to broadcasting news and other items of its programmes as mentioned above. It also gives warning about the impending natural calamities. Thus the radio warns about storms, cyclones, tidal bores etc. and thus saves thousands of men who otherwise would have been perished.

In some countries, the radio is now serving the cause of education. In order to make education interesting, lessons are broadcast for the students. Sometimes lecture programmes by experts and distinguished scholars are arranged. Persons interested in these subjects are very much benefited.4essay.blogspot.com

In times of war and similar other grave occasions, the radio is of incalculable service to men. They get not only the news they want but also inspiration from it. The patriotic songs broadcast from the radio rouse their martial spirit. The radio can thus save a nation from disaster.

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