October 17, 2012



Points: Introduction – It is a complete way of life – Its establishes a balance between individualism and collectivism -Social Responsibility – It regards life as a unity – Conclusion.

Islam is the religion of man and its message is universal and eternal. Islam is not a religion only guaranteeing the betterment and uplift of an individual's private and personal life. Neither is it a religion consisting of some dogmas, rituals, and customs. It is a complete way of life.4essay.blogspot.com

A distinctive characteristic of Islamic way of life is that it is organized, disciplined and complete way of life. It does not confine its scope only to the private life of a man, rather it caters to all the fields of human existence. Islam provides guidance in all walks of life individual, social, material and moral, economic and political, legal and cultural, national and international.

Another unique feature of Islamic way of life is that it establishes a balance between individualism and collectivism. It believes in the individual personality of man and holds everyone personally responsible and accountable to God. It guarantees fundamental rights to the individual and does not permit anyone to tamper with them. It does not subscribe to the view that man must lose his individuality in the collective social life or in the state.4essay.blogspot.com

The Islamic way of life awakens a sense of social responsibility in man, organizes human beings in a society and a state and enjoins the individual and the entire social organism to subscribe to the social good of all. Prayer in Islam is offered in congregation which inculcates social discipline among its followers.

A remarkable feature of Islamic way of life is that it does not divide life into water-tight compartments of matter and spirit. It regards life as a unity. It stands not for life denial but for life fulfillment. Islam does not believe in asceticism. It does not admit any separation between moral and material. It enjoins man to devote all his energies to the reconstruction of life on healthy foundations. It teaches him that moral and material powers must be welded together and that spiritual salvation can be achieved by using the material resources for the good of man, and not by living a life of asceticism.

In Islam all men are equal, whatever be their colour, language, race or nationality. It addresses the conscience of humanity and banishes all false barriers of race, status and wealth. Islam is international in its outlook. It wants to unite humanity under one banner. It gives the message of life and hope and premises of a glorious future.

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