October 05, 2012



Points: Introduction – Science and the suffering humanity – Travelling became easy – Electricity – Rocket and missiles – Atomic energy – Agriculture and industry – Conclusion.

Science is man's helpmate. It has been a great blessing to man. It has conquered nature. With the help of science, man controls the greatest forces. In fact in every field of life science enables man to lead an easy comfortable life. It has added very greatly to the progress of civilization.

There are many benefits of science. It has helped the blind to see, the deaf to hear and the lame to walk. The invaluable help rendered by the physicians to the suffering humanity is highly praiseworthy. In the olden age, ordinary fever took a huge toll of life. There used to be no preventive measures against epidemies like smallpox, plague and cholera but now highly efficacious treatments are invented by the scientists. Great researches have been made in the field of medicine. Operations have become painless. The discovery of vitamins has given greater health to man. It is now possible to prevent many infectious diseases T.B. is no longer an incurable disease. The X' rays have also done much good to man.

Science has made our travelling comfortable. We can travel in railways, ships, motor-cars and aeroplanes. The most distant places of the world have become nearer to one another. Very little time is required to go from one place to another. Now aeroplanes fly at 1000 miles or even more per hour. The journey that once took months can now be covered in a few hours. Journeys have become safe.

Electricity has done the greatest service to man. It has lighted our paths, houses, factories and mills. It keeps us away from darkness. Electricity runs for us our fans and air-conditioners. It has given us T.V., radio, photography and talkies. When we are tired by the day's hard work these inventions provide us nice recreation.

Rockets and missiles have no match and have conquered space flight. The conquest of the moon has become possible with the help of the rocket. This success has made man bold He is now thinking of conquering the other planets.

Atomic energy is yet another recent scientific achievement. This kind of energy can also replace all other conventional fuels and sources of energy. Atomic reactors are producing cheaper Source of power and energy. This will help us in producing electricity at a very cheap rate.

In agriculture, the use of fertilizer, manure and latest methods of farming are sure to increase our food stuff, ten times more. In near future we can anticipate a break - through in agriculture. So also industry can make gigantic strides with the help of latest machines, now in operation everywhere.

A host of advantages have come to man, as a result of the advances made by science and technology. It has given us comforts and luxuries. Fields of knowledge, experience and recreation open in the past only to a few have been thrown open to millions. But the demerits of scientific progress are no less significant. It has destroyed the established moral values of society. Man has become a slave of machine.

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