October 18, 2012



Points: Introduction – Why the Muslims in the past were blessed? – Inauguration of 15th century Hijri in Pakistan – Conclusion.

The advent of the 15th Century Hijra is a very important event in the history of Islam. 1400 years ago the Holy Prophet, Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him) migrated from Mecca to Medina. The Hijrat marked not only the beginning of the glory of Islam, but also opened the most illustrious chapter of world history. Within a few years the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) created an ideal society, knit together on the basis of love and equality. The light of justice, peace and brotherhood that he lit in Arabia spread out and illuminated within a century the entire area from Spain to Central Asia.4essay.blogspot.com

If we look back on the past 1400 years two facts stand out prominently. As long as the Muslims continued to hold firmly the ropes of Allah, remained united and worked hard they were blessed with success in every walk of life. The world felt the impact of Khalid Bin Walid, Mohammad Bin Qasim and Tariq Bin Ziyad in the field of politics. The Muslims also established their superiority in the field of knowledge. The name of famous philosophers, historians and men of letters like ibn-e-Khaldun, Razi and Khayyam still remind us of that age. As opposed to this when the Muslims adopted a life of comfort and luxury and strayed from the path of research, failure and despair became their lot. So, it is need of the hour that the Muslims must rekindle among themselves the same spirit of research and inquiry which had distinguished them in every field in the past.4essay.blogspot.com

The 15th Century Hijra began on Monday, Nov-10-1980. On this momentous occasion the President Zia-ul-Haq addressed the nation about one and a half hour after the last sunset of the 14th century Hijra. Addressing the nation on radio and television networks to mark the beginning of the 15th Hijra Century, the President urged the people to make a pledge to spend every moment of their life in obedience to God and Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) as true Muslim and make the new century a century of the glory of Islam. He explained the significance of the event of Holy Prophet Mohammad's Hijrat from Mecca to Medina in the history of Islam and also spoke about the periods of the rise and fall of the Muslims in the world.4essay.blogspot.com

He announced the institution of a "Hijra Award", valuing Rs.10 lakh, on the pattern of Nobel Prize. This award would be conferred on a person who will perform outstanding or extraordinary service to the cause of Pakistan and entire mankind.4essay.blogspot.com

In Pakistan the first day of the 15th century was observed with due fervor and solemnity. On this historic occasion the nation offered Zuhr prayers is congregations in mosques throughout the country. "Nafle-shukraha" and special prayers for the world peace, solidarity and integrity of Pakistan, security, unity and well-being of the Islamic world, liberation of AI-Quds, occupied Arab land, Kashmir and other Muslim occupied territories, were also offered.

Newspapers brought out special supplements to highlight the significance of the new Hijra century. Radio Pakistan broadcast special bulletins and PTV telecast special programmes to mark the significance of the occasion.

The Advent of the 15th Hijra Century was a great historic event. All the Muslims pledged on this glorious occasion to mould their lives in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah. We prayed to God Almighty for the peace and prosperity of the Muslim World and for His eternal guidance of mankind.

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