October 03, 2012



Once there was a woodcutter. He was very poor and could hardly make both ends meet. He used to go a river side and cut wood, He sold them in the market and earned for himself and supported his family.

One day he was cutting some wood on the bank of a river. His axe slipped out of his hand and fell into the river. He became sad and began to cry as he was too poor to buy a new one. The god Mercury appeared on the scene. The woodcutter asked for his help. The god dived into the river and brought out a golden axe but the woodcutter refused to take it. The god dived again and brought out a silver axe, but this time too, he refused to take it. The god dived for the third time and brought out an iron axe. The woodcutter was delighted to see his axe and cried. "This is my axe! It is mine!" The god was much pleased with his honesty that he gave him the other two axes also, as reward for his honesty.

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