September 13, 2012



Points: Introduction – Benefits of N. C. C. training – Conclusion.

It is an age of conflicts and hostilities. War appears to have become a normal course. Peace seems to be a wishful dream. The wars of these days are not between armies which represent a small part of the population, but they mean the drafting of the whole nation into military service. This kind of war is called total war in which the entire nation is drawn into fighting directly or indirectly. The only way to fight out this evil is through a preparation for war at national level.

It is with this objective in view that the Commission on National Education has recommended the introduction of compulsory military training. A few years ago a sort of military called the National Cadet Corps had been introduced in some of the colleges of Pakistan. The N.C.C. training is open to all the pupils of the colleges in Pakistan. The officers who train the students are largely drawn from the military personnel. The N.C.C. cadets get special training of semi military nature. The main idea of the N.C.C. training is that the defence of the country should not be left to the army alone. Through the N.C.C. training our country may have a large reserve force for emergency needs. This training is also essential for the students so that they may become more disciplined and regular in their life. It improves the physical health of students and builds up their character.

In recent years, the military training of students has become more important because danger may emerge from any corner and may flare up in a war or conflict. Pakistan has faced two full-fledged wars with Bharat. So military training for college student is not only desirable but also necessary. Germany, France, Russia, the U.S.A. China, England and many other countries have introduced compulsory military training for the youth. It is high time that the colleges should make an elaborate arrangement for N.C.C. training to students. At the time of any national emergency especially war, our trained youth can prove very useful. Our education department and college authorities should extend their full co-operation to make this programme a great success.

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