July 02, 2012



Points: Introduction - How students feel before the recess period - Scene at the commencement of the recess period - Scene during the recess period -After the recess period – Conclusion.

The recess period comes usually in the middle of the day. Its object is to allow some time to the teachers and the boys to refresh themselves mentally and physically.

Sometimes before the recess period begins, the students, feel bore. They become inattentive to the lessons. They no longer follow the teachers. They grow tired of their lesson. They look eagerly forward to the recess period. Some of the naughty boys even approach the school peon and ask him to ring the bell. All this shows that change is badly needed.

As soon as the recess bell goes, all the boys rush out of their class-rooms. This action of their sometimes makes the teacher angry. But they cannot help it. They want to be free for sometime. They wish to remain away from the dull atmosphere of the class.

When the students come out of class-rooms, they relax themselves in different ways. The boys of rich families enjoy nice things sweets, fruits or milk which their parents send for them. The boys belonging to average families eat some cheap things which they buy from the hawkers who reach school by this time. The poor boys generally bring food and eat it sitting in the class-rooms.

Having satisfied their hunger, boys sit in groups and discuss many things. Sometimes the subject of their talks is some teacher whom they dislike for his strictness. At other times, it is some unpopular boyar unsocial class fellow of theirs. At times, however, they talk of politics. The students of lower classes play with balls in the play ground. Very often they use their time to laugh and make themselves cheerful.

As soon as the period is over, the happy mood of the boys departs. They become serious again. They run to their rooms lest they should be late.

Recess period has become a regular feature in every day life too. These days there is an interval of half an hour in almost all offices. Some of the shops in the towns also observe lunch time.

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