June 08, 2012



Points: Introduction - Way to help the poor students - Way to help the rich students - Way to help the students of Middle class - How I can help my class fellow - Conclusion.

Students are one of those who need most help in the world. Different people need different kind of help. Some people are in need of food and clothing. There are others who want help in the way of employment and so on. But the best way of helping anyone is not to do the work for him or to give him what he wants. We should put him in the way of doing it himself. Arid this can be best applied in the case of my fellow students.

Among my class-fellows there are a few who are very poor. They work hard but they are handicapped by their poverty. They cannot purchase the necessary books. So they have to borrow books from other students. They do every possible economy in their dress and in other expenditure. Then they are able to purchase only a few books.

I would like to help such students by finding work for them. For example, my father was in need of a man who could look after his minor office work in the evening. I recommended to him a poor class-fellow of mine for the job. In the beginning there was some difficulty but then he began to work satisfactorily. My father had a hard-working hand and my class-fellow had two hundred rupees in his pocket every month for an hour's daily work. In the same way I can help others of this type by providing them some tuition work.

Now let us examine the case of those who are wealthy. They attend the classes not for the purpose of receiving education but for the company or recreation. They always make light of their studies. Among them there are some serious students. But here I am considering the cases of those who are extravagant and who waste time not only their own but that of others also. There are also those who have• aspirations to match the rich students and waste their time and money. Such students waste their parent's hard earned money. Both these groups are above help as far as I am concerned. I think and think rightly that only God can help them.

Then comes the middle class which is mostly in majority. From my class I can include about twenty five in this group, while the whole class consists of thirty three students. Among these students are included students of varying intelligence and diligence. Similarly some of them come of quite well to do families. Others come from lower middle classes, but their families are mostly not very poor. I have been, however, led to bracket .them together by the fact that they are more or less serious in their studies. None of them can be blamed of wilful negligence.

I think I can be of great help to those class-fellows of mine. I can lend them the books which I possess besides the texts. I have many other books on grammar and translation. Same is the case in other subjects also particularly in Mathematics. I help all my class-fellows by lending them these books.

Further, I am a good student of my class. I am always ready to remove the difficulties of my class-fellows as far as I can. If I find I cannot do it myself I refer to my private tutor who explains it. And quite a large number of my class-fellows bring their difficulties to me.

I think this is the best way in which I can help my class-fellows. I intend to continue to do so as long as I do not learn a better way.

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