May 13, 2012



Points: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy - Ludo and other games - Chess - fable - tennis my favorite game – Chess – rable – tennis my favorite game – Why I like it - It affords me much pleasure.

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". So we should all have some kind of amusement in the evening. This has a very healthy effect upon our mind. Our minds need relaxation. Some encourage idleness and fill our minds with a dislike for hard work. Such a one, for instance, is the game of cards. They are very good if one wants to waste one's time, but I don't like them.

I do not like Ludo and other games of the same kind. They are mechanical and only fit for very young children to play. No patience or intelligence is needed to play them, and before long I get tired of them. Perhaps I would have liked it if it had been as exciting as chess or as interesting as a game of cards.

I do not like even chess, for it needs much time. I would rather solve a difficult .problem of Mathematics than play chess. I wonder why people play it. To me the Bishop, the Queen, the Pawn and the King appear to be supremely uninteresting. I have the same feelings of disgust for cards, as I said before.

Of all indoor games I like table-tennis the best. It has all the advantages of an outdoor game and it is also one of the best indoor games. The table-tennis table is in a way a small tennis lawn. The small racquets and the balls are like the tennis racquets and the tennis balls. There is a pleasure in striking these balls and sending them flying across the small net. In this game one has always to be careful, for one cannot afford to lose any point. It gives mild exercise to our limbs, but it also trains our power of judgment, and makes our wrists more supple and our eyes more alert.

The game also affords much pleasure. While we play it we laugh and make merry. We do not sit still and quiet and absorbed as chess-players do. At the same time, the game affords amusement to many people. It is not like chess which is meant for two only, or like cards which are meant for a party only of four. A whole crowd can come and watch it, and almost actively take part in it.
For this reason I like this game most.

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