April 24, 2012



Points: Introduction: It is under the process of extension - A city of shopping centres - Industrial centre - Places of excursion - A centre of learning.

I live in Karachi. It is the principal city and the main sea-port of Pakistan. It is spread over an area of 800 sq. Kilometers and has a population of over seven million. It is the first capital city of Pakistan.

Karachi has expanded tremendously after the creation of Pakistan. All around the proper city, we find suburban localities sprouting- without an end. Since Karachi is ever expanding, there are various organizations here which look after or to be more correct are supposed to look after the welfare of this city. Those organizations are K.D.A., K.M.C., P.W.D. and other housing societies. The main schemes which are fully developed are the Defence Housing Society, Darul Arnan Housing Society, Mohammad Ali Housing Society, Federal "B" Area, North Nazimabad, Gulshan, North Karachi etc. Many more housing societies are in the offing. Fashionable plazas and squares have sprung up at every nook and corner of the city. Even in the old Karachi many remarkable changes are visible. Many old buildings are demolished and instead sky-high plazas are rising.

Hundreds of fashionable shopping centres have come up in different parts of the city. Saddar is the biggest shopping centre of Karachi. The Empress Market, Zaibunnisa Street, Mehboob Market, Panorama Centre, Karim Centre, the Co-operative Market, and the Radio and T.V. Market make this shopping centre the most attractive place for all the buyers. From early morning till sunset there is huge rush of buyers in this area. They present a delightful scene in the evening.

Karachi is the biggest industrial centre of Pakistan. Its industrial areas stretch for miles on the outskirt of the city. On account of its vast industry, Karachi has drawn people from all parts of the country. Wide roads have been constructed with glittering lights on both sides.

There are several gardens, parks, museums and libraries in Karachi. The Hill Park, Aziz Bhatti Park and Safari Park stand prominent. Besides these major parks of the city many small parks have been made in different K.D.A. schemes. Clifton, Manora and Hawkes Bay are among the favorite resorts of the people of Karachi.

Karachi is a centre of learning. There are two universities and hundreds of colleges and technical institutions. There are two medical colleges in Karachi. Karachi is rapidly growing and its population consists of all- Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Parsis etc.

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