April 13, 2012



Points : Introduction - The life in the country is full of charms - Simple and innocent life - Simple occupation of people - Healthy surroundings - Other advantages of nature - Wholesome and pure food - Less crimes in Villages - Conclusion.

Poets and laymen alike have been singing in praise of the pleasures of life in the country since time immemorial. Still people continue to rush to the already crowded towns in every country. All the charms of the country life seem to have no attraction for them.

The life in the country is full of charms. Cowper has rightly said "God made the country and man made the town". Poets have always tended to glorify the life of Nature. Shakespeare praises the life of men, " Under the Greenwood Tree", where there are no enemies except the cold winds in winter. Alexander Pope in his famous poem" On Solitude" describes the quiet life of the country. Goldsmith in his widely read poem, " The Deserted Village", describes in picturesque details the pleasures of the countryside. Wordsworth, also responds to the call of Nature and the country side. The life in the country is very simple and innocent. Perfect peace and tranquility rules every where. The country side is less artificial and more natural than the city. In the city Nature seems to have been pushed aside.

The occupations of the people are very simple. Nearly all of them are agriculturists. They cultivate their fields. Others depend on their manual labor. They work on the fields of big farmers and other well-to-do people. All the families find some work or other. So none remains idle. Males work on the farms. Even children are of great use. They add a little to the income of the family. Women do household work like cooking, washing and grinding of corn.

The whole work in the village is done in healthy and pleasant surroundings. There are the green fields in which they work. They breathe fresh air all the twenty four hours. Bird's singing their sweet notes of peace and joy removes the fatigue of hard work. Thus in these natural and healthy atmosphere they work from morning till evening. They return to their houses where they are welcomed by their children and wives. Besides the farmers there are petty shopkeepers, potters, blacksmiths, carpenters, spinners and weavers who carry on their peaceful trade in the delightful surroundings.

Besides, there are other charms and advantages. In a village we can best enjoy the beauty and grandeur of nature. We can hear the chattering of birds in the evening and morning. Here we can enjoy the setting sun behind the clouds. The charming beauty of the meadows would intoxicate us with joy. The babbling of a river, the soft lowing of cows and innocent games of children are things which one can never fail to admire.

The country life confers upon us another boon. It provide wholesome and pure food. Cities and big towns are notorious for the adulteration of food. Pure foodstuffs are hard to get. In the country it is not so. Further in the villages there is no smoke of chimneys, factories and mills. In the village the air is quite pure.

Further crime is less in villages. They are free from the strifes of city life. The relations of the villagers with one another are very cordial and harmonious. Villages are far from the noise of cities.

All these advantages make village life contented and peaceful. Still the village life has its drawbacks. Ignorance, superstitions, disease and poverty are found everywhere in the villages. These defects can be removed easily and once they are removed, villages would become the best place to live in.

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