April 25, 2012



Points: Introduction - Ideal occupation for idle day - Conclusion.

Youth is a time for activity good, bad or indifferent. And in the course of life there come days in which there is little or no scope for any activity. It is at such periods that youths will grumble, rebel and generally become mischievous. And idle days are forced on the, youths in many ways: Holidays, strikes, rainy days and others.

What would I do on rainy days? Well, I will do many things. I will cite here a few of the ways in which I will use my forced idleness. Many friends of mine grumble at such days. They tell me that they are bored on such days. The list of their complaints is quite a long one. They cannot go out; they cannot play; they cannot work either; they cannot visit the cinema.

But I have no such complaints. On the other hand, I welcome a rainy day. On a rainy day I will start a cleaning campaign in my own house. There are cobwebs blackened with smoke over our hearth in the hitchen. Mother is too old and busy to attend to these. The ceiling is covered with sooty webs and spiders. Often soot, falls down in the cooking pots. This is very dangerous. I am told soot is poisonous Well, even if it is not, soot is ugly, black and disgusting. I must remove it; and I will on a rainy day. Nothing gives me so much delight as to see a kitchen cleaned to perfection.

I will then enter my father's room. This is a forbidden room for me, for father does not like his books and magazines to leave their rack and disappear. But I will seek his permission to enter and I am sure I will get it. With that I will begin my second phase in house cleaning. Father is very busy man and cannot attend to this part of house-hold work. I will re-arrange the books on the shelves. I will polish the flower pots and mirrors and I will end with putting everything in its proper place. I am sure father will be delightfully surprised to see his room properly arranged.

Thoughtless leisure lands us in restlessness. We do not get real rest if we do not properly use our days of rest. Our desires become unlimited. They will rule us if we do not rule them.


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