November 28, 2011

School Club


Education should be for life and not merely for a live lihood. It should train all our mental and Physical faculties. For this purpose various clubs and debating societies formed in schools and colleges, for producing a complete human beings.

Club is a place where people get together for the discussion of various problems and for spending the leisure time. Club is the meeting place of the students for many activities. There are many clubs in educational institutions like literary club, science club, History club, and other clubs. I am fortunate enough to be a member of my school club. This history club consists of twelve students six from Class IX and six from Class X. They are all its active and energetic members. They have keen interest in history and its relevant branches.

The major functions of our school club are to get information about the every day happenings in the world. Maps, charts and models are also prepared by the members of this club. And account of travels, and a record of speeches made by the great men of the world are maintained. To collect the good humored and witty discussions of burning questions, pathetic story-telling in the form of novel, and firm fact telling by the real agents concerned in the events of passing history is a peculiar job of this club.

I have been entrusted with the work of collecting biographies and historical books about the old as well as the present age. I am lucky to have a collection of books in this respect and the club is proud of having such a wonderful possession of rare books. The history books take us back to the past of a country and they unlock before us the scenes of battles and adventures. Biographies afford us a life history of great men and women who have left their foot prints on o the sands of time.

Curiosity is a natural impulse in man. We are always curious about our neighbors and about our fellowmen. School clubs satisfy this curiosity by providing different activities. Our history club is doing wonders in this regard.

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