November 28, 2011

The Pleasures of School Life


School-life has its pleasures and charms which only a school-boy can enjoy. A student’s life in a school is free from cares and anxieties which fall to the lot of the common people. He is as free as a bird and no sorrow dares breathe near him. Both in the school and outside it, he wants to get the greatest amount of happiness out of life. He praises his class-mates but condemns his teachers. He sleeps much, plays a little, talks a great deal, and studies occasionally. He always avoids doing home tasks and never tries to put in hard work, The Headmaster’s period is the only period he takes seriously. To tease ignorant teachers, to make fools of the poor servants, to bully little school-going boys, are his favorite recreations.

Occasionally he likes to take part in school matches. He is glad when he gets a holiday from school. But the announcement of the ‘house-examination’ comes to him like an electric shock. He always talks too much of himself and wishes to cut a figure in society. Early to bed and late to rise is his motto: to eat much and work little is his ideal. These are the peculiar charms and pleasures of school life.

But school life is not without its responsibilities and duties. Next to home, school is the place which plays such an important part in shaping our character. It is here that we shake off our narrow-mindedness and learn to be liberal in sympathies and outlook. It is at school that we form life long friendships. We cultivate in us the spirit of mutual give and take. It is here that we learn the habits of obedience and self control which stand us in good stead in later life. The school is the best place where the virtues of punctuality, regularity, method, careful use of time, and faithful obedience, are produced in us. Therefore, it can rightly be said that a person who has never been to a school in his life has missed something very important.

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