March 09, 2015

Things I Dislike Doing

Things I Dislike Doing

English Essay on "Things I Dislike Doing"

What I hate most is having to get up early in the morning, it is a thing which I cannot help doing during the school terms. Being a late sleeper by nature and practice I find it very difficult to get up early, but as my school is far from where I live. I have to be up before the clock strikes six. Without a warning by the alarm clock, I should never be able to reach school in time. When it begins to ring, I presented to ignore it, until my mother joins it and I have to pay heed to their combined appeals and warnings. I do not like having to do anything with those who cannot keep their promises. In dealing with such people I have always had to decide, Once is enough.
Once a friend of mine invited me to go to the pictures with him, but when I reported at his place, he very politely suggested, why not make it tomorrow Though there was no apparent reason for postponing the visit. I was disappointed, because I had sought special permission not to accompany my father on a visit to some very close relatives of ours.
In the case of these promise-breakers Tomorrow never arrives. Some others invited me to join them on an excursion. I obtained permission of my parents to accompany them, though my annual examination was only a few weeks away. My mother had to get up unusually early-on a Sunday-to cook breakfast and lunch for me. When I reached the agreed point of departure, however, I found none of my friends had already left. As I was returning home with a heavy heart, I met one of the sponsors of the excursion on his way to the local market. Very coolly he informed me that the trip had been abandoned. He could give no reason for this decision, however.
Another thing I dislike doing is to disclose my guarded secrets, except to an extremely trusted friend of mine. Experience has shown me that the knowledge of a secret is a heavy burden on the minds of most human beings, and that this load can be lightened only by their revealing the secret. I, therefore, keep my secrets to myself.
Lastly I dislike having to lend money or things that I need myself. Normally only those people are quick to borrow who have no scruple about wasting whatever they have. And if this is their practice, how will they ever be able to repay their debts. Having said all this, I don't mind admitting that I have to do all these things, often very willingly I am convinced that one will have to leave the world, if one cannot put up with sorts of human weaknesses.

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