March 09, 2015

Advantages And Disadvantages of Staying School Hostels

Advantages And Disadvantages of Staying School Hostels

English Essay on "Advantages And Disadvantages of Staying School Hostels"

Normally only those pupils stay in a school hostel whose home towns are very far from their schools. Those living near their schools seldom appreciate the need to stay in the hostels. Let us consider whether it is correct to regard staying in school hostels as a necessary evil as many do.
In a boarding house, a pupil does not live and work under the protective care of his parents. This affords him a very fine opportunity to manage his own affairs. He has to draw up his budget, do his shopping and make all his decisions by himself. He also learns to be socially useful the boarders are encouraged to take active interest in the running of the boarding house.
A boarder can learn better than a pupil staying at home can. He usually has fixed hours of study, when nobody around him is allowed to sleep or make a noise to disturb his companions. The superintendent will take care to see that the boarders keep their hours, take exercise, and participate in literary and social functions of the hostel.
A pupil staying with his parents is likely to get involved with undesirable characters of which there is no scarcity in modern towns. But a well-run boarding house will allow no bad hats to have access to its premises, or permits its residents to wander about the town. Visitors have to convenience the authorities of their bonfires before they can be admitted and' the residents are not allowed to leave the hostel except under extremely exceptional circumstances.
But there are a few disadvantages, too, in staying in a boarding house. First of all the boarder misses the individual attention and love that only parents can give to children. And if a boarding house happens to be badly managed and inadequately supervised the older boys will bully the smaller once until the more sensitive among the latter are completely demoralized and have to leave school with deformed characters and little learning to their credit.
Having lived alone for a number of years, a person will tend to live alone for the rest of his life. He may shun the company of people who try to be familiar with him. Jokes and stories common in any happy home may' sound too noisy or absurd to him.( Such tendency will make him a poor family man, or' he may refuse to have a family at all. This drawback can, however, be rectified by long and frequent visits home. Three long holidays in the year are a good step in this direction.
Boarding houses should not have cubicles dormitories are more useful to stay in. By staying with others, a boarder will develop the habit of living with others. His ability to stay happily with his fellow boarders will certainly make it easier for him to live with his family after he has left the boarding house.

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