March 09, 2015

How I Spend My Pocket Money

How I Spend My Pocket Money

English Essay on "How I Spend My Pocket Money"

There are very a few parents who really understand the value of pocket money to their children. Some parents think that the pocket money is necessary so that a child may not go hungry at the time of the day other thinks' that it keeps children from stealing. But the real purpose of pocket money is to train the young people in the very important art of saving and spending.
Some children get a little pocket money daily their parents do not trust them with a large sum, fearing that they may lose or miss-spend it. But my parents do not treat me so shabbily they know very well that I can take care of my money as well as anybody else. I get Rs. 10.00 a month for my pocket money.
On the first day of every month, as soon as I receive9 my pocket money, I rush to the post office with my savings account book. I deposit Rs. 2.00 into my account. To date, Rs. 120,000 stands of my credit. Formerly, I put into my account only whatever amount to of money I had saved by the end of the month but often I had nothing left by that time. Experience has already taught me that a man of limited income has to force himself to save a little for an emergency otherwise he will have to borrow.
I go to the pictures only once in a while, Usually, I go to a cheap matinee on Saturday, or Sunday but if, on a particular weekend, there is not a good film being shown as a cheap matinee. I stay at home. I prefer going to a cheap matinee not only because it is cheaper than a first-run film, but also because, at a cheap matinee, I can occupy a better seat for less money than at an ordinary show. I visit our school canteen almost daily but I never do so more than once a day as most of schoolmates does. I do not spend lavishly at, the canteen. For after all, I do not go there for a meal. The proper place for meals is the home, and it is good to eat a meal only at its fixed time, I go to the canteen for refreshments only, and I never buy any food or drink that I cannot pay for easily.( If, on a certain day, I do not feel particularly thirsty or hungry, I do not visit the canteen at all. I make a point of never buying on credit or, borrowing money from my friends in the school or outside. Nor do I lend money to others'. 'If I can afford it, I do give a little to charity.
Whatever money I have not spent by the end of the month goes to my library fund. If the book I want to buy costs mere than the amount I have in hand, I wait for a month or so more, until I have saved the necessary amount. If it is necessary to buy the book at once, I borrow the balance from my mother, and return it to her in a few easy installments.

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